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Here's the bottom line: Investors and traders simply won’t find more remarkable benefits for less money than with a MoneyShow Platinum Membership! Simply put, it’s the best value anywhere in the financial industry today.

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MoneyShow Platinum Membership - Only $995

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Your MoneyShow Platinum Membership guarantees you continuous access to proven investing and trading advice straight from the world’s foremost experts. We’re talking about hearing historic picks and predictions before they hit the mainstream. Like when James Stack called the March 9, 2009, bottom a month beforehand at The World MoneyShow Orlando. Or when Dennis Gartman, David Morgan, and others helped investors and traders navigate the gold market before, during, and even after the historic run to $1,924/ounce.

Had this remarkable program for continuing education existed back then, you would’ve received that information before the rest of the financial community, and not just little sound bytes or an odd stock pick here and there, either. We’re talking real, in-depth access and the full reasoning behind every investment and trade recommendation, so there’s never a question or second thought when it comes time to take action in the markets!

Experts like Jim Stack, Jake Bernstein, and John Bollinger are part of this program. So are Kelley Wright and Jack Ablin, just to name a few more. The program, however, is about huge value and variety, so whether it’s timely stock, bond, and ETF picks from the pros, the latest market analysis, or just a touch of validation to help you stay the course, you’ll have the finest-quality insights and information direct from a network of experts 1,500+ strong behind you all day, every day, and all year long!

Here's how it works…

At every show for an entire year, you’ll get VIP access to every session, including the Premium Master Classes, lunch panels, and even the VIP Investment Masters Symposium (IMS)! Over $15,700 in Value!


Workshops and Opening Ceremonies are great, but the Investment Masters Symposium (IMS) and Premium Master Classes are where things really get personal! We’re talking up close, face-to-face interaction and in-depth instruction from the world’s foremost investing and trading experts. It’s a place where the pros come to you, where you delve deeper into topics like energy investing with experts like Mark Mills, income strategies with Kelley Wright, retirement planning with Bob Carlson, and option trading with Larry McMillan. Only here can the pros stay until your every question is answered and you feel prepared to go and apply what you’ve learned.

It’s also where you’ll get white-glove service, enjoy complimentary food and refreshments, and find a wealth of amenities you won’t find elsewhere. And that usually doesn’t come cheap…but now it can!

That’s because, as a MoneyShow Platinum Member, every session at every show for an entire year will be free for you to attend! Just think about it: All throughout the massive convention centers we fill each year in Orlando, New York, Las Vegas, San Francisco—and elsewhere in between, you won’t find a locked door anywhere, and you will be free to enjoy any—or every—session you want, no questions asked!

That in itself would cost over $10,000 if you attended every paid event and Investment Masters Symposium at each MoneyShow, The All-Stars of Options Trading, and The Traders Expos in New York and Las Vegas. But all of it is absolutely free for MoneyShow Platinum Members, and the on-location benefits from each Show don’t stop there!

Premium Master Class Transcripts/Audio Recordings

We’ll make sure you never miss an expert idea or ticker symbol, because you’ll receive complete transcripts with audio recordings for most of the Premium Master Classes from every show…including shows you don’t attend in person!

VIP Welcome Receptions

Meet and mingle with select speakers, enjoy free drinks and hors d’oeuvres, and get acquainted with fellow Members as part of exclusive, members-only welcome receptions, yours at each and every show you attend for an entire year. And even that’s not all!

Members-Only Lounge

There’s also a private VIP Lounge set aside for you at the shows, where it’s easy to relax and recharge with complimentary refreshments and charging stations for all your gadgets and mobile devices!

Exclusive Online Benefits Throughout the Year!

online benefits

The MoneyShow Platinum Membership brings to you even more of the world’s premier investing and trading experts, and even more of the finest-quality education and financial advice available anywhere today, both in person and on the Web.

This is a comprehensive learning program like none other. It’s fast and direct, with value that’s practically immediate…and I mean that. You will receive your materials via email in just a matter of days after signing up. Like I said from the very beginning, there really is no better way for investors and traders alike to get more and pay less than by becoming a MoneyShow Platinum Member!

In addition to all the above benefits at the shows, your online benefits will include:

Every Special Report MoneyShow Produces

Whether targeting strategies for effective growth and income investing, technical analysis and trading techniques, or countless other topics, you’ll receive every report we produce the moment it becomes available.

Jake Bernstein’s Power Trading Tools Webinar Series

For 6 months, take part in 90-minute weekly Webinars by world-renowned futures trader Jake Bernstein. Get personalized instruction, learn high-probability strategies and set-ups, protect capital, and further your trading skills armed with insights direct from one of the world’s finest traders.


10 Premium Newsletters

Your membership entitles you to receive complimentary six-month subscriptions to 10 of the finest wealth-building publications anywhere in the world today, ensuring immediate value and benefits that last for many months to come.

Here’s $1,673 in instant value alone, yours absolutely free as a MoneyShow Platinum Member.

Available Newsletters

Gold Newsletter Dow Theory Forecasts DRIP Investor
Explosive junior mining and resource stocks that could double or even triple in value. Since 1946, high-quality buy recommendations that “meaningfully outperform” the market. Proven wealth creation using traditional buy-and-hold methods and dividend reinvestment (DRIP) plans.
Blue Chip Gems Almanac Investor Newsletter No Load Mutual Funds Selection & Timing
Find quality large-cap stocks and build a solid foundation for any long-term equity portfolio. Quality cyclical, seasonal, and historical investing opportunities called out as they happen. Hulbert Financial Digest’s #1 newsletter of the last 20 years in terms of risk-adjusted returns.
Bob Carlson’s Retirement Watch Bloomberg Briefs Economics Investment Digest
Unbiased solutions for every aspect of retirement, from planning and saving, to spending, taxation, and more. Daily economic and market commentary, charts, and data direct from Bloomberg’s top economists. Late-breaking stock picks and predictions from 200+ of today’s most trusted advisors.
InvesTech Research
“Safety-first” profit opportunities in stocks, funds, and ETFs direct from one of the industry’s most accurate forecasters.


Travel in six-star luxury

The benefits don't stop there! Travel in six-star luxury aboard Crystal Cruise Lines during one of MoneyShow's Cruise Seminars, and as you gain insights and inspiration from top pros, you’ll enjoy a $500 shipboard credit to spend on dining, shore excursions, spa treatments, and more!

In total, VIP treatment and remarkable continuing education has never been so easy or affordable, so get yours today for a great value—just $995!

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